31 Mar 2017

DIY Inspiration Board

Inspiration / mood boards tend to be quite popular in the blogging world as they are extremely simple to make. They only require a handful of items and can be made to suit everyone’s ideas and inspirations. I love to continually change my board as it is an easy way to decorate my room. It also constantly reminds me of my inspirations, which at the moment seem to be interior design, nature and some excellent movie and fashion ideas.
Find out how I made my board and some of my favourite items to keep it fresh!

Things you will need:

scissors, pins and a cork board/ metal grid

These items are the backbone of creating an inspiration board. You could even use a stanley knife for quicker cutting of your images. There are also a plethora of pins that you could buy in the shops, so go with whatever you love the most. I have plain white ones since I find that they help to tie the board and images in together. Nowadays there has been more metal grid inspiration boards such as Izzy’s (Views of Now) but a cork board works just as well.

old magazines

Old magazines that you don’t mind cutting up are the best to use, I’ve found that FrankieYen and Miss Vogue tend to have a decent amount of inspiring photos within their issues. Other magazines such as National Geographic or fitness magazines can be used, it just depends on what kind of theme you are going for.

cut out pictures

I have a pile of pictures already cut up to shorten the process. It allows me to change my board easily since these pictures are all set to go. It doesn’t matter how old these photos are cause it is whatever inspires you, not what is current and cool.

Other things you may want to use

Other items that I have used in the past include post cards, letters, personal photos and ticket stubs. You could also use pressed flowers, paper garlands or flowers. 


The steps are pretty basic. It’s essentially deciding on a theme or what inspires you, organising the items on the board or grid and then pinning them in place! It’s as easy as that!

Make sure to tag us @madeofhoneyblog if you decide to create your own! Let us know what’s inspiring you at the moment in the comments below.

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