31 Mar 2017

The Crowchet Garden | Creativity Corner

Creativity Corner is a new series that came to life by my desire to become more creative and ultimately learn how other creatives keep themselves inspired in order to do the work that they do. Make sure to send through any of your favourite creatives in the comments below or in an ask.
The first edition of this series involves my friend Jackson who works under the name of The Crowchet GardenWe became friends through school and it has been really exciting to see his work off. I was interested to learn about what sparked this interest of crocheting and managed to gain a few tips for any of you who wish to crochet. 

What made you get into crochet?
I have always found it interesting how clothes are made and the process that goes into designing clothing. I think that it partly comes from watching my grandmother as a child, always sewing, knitting or crocheting something new and exciting. I used to be so spun out how she could make a scarf or booties from just a ball of yarn and that was just in an afternoon’s work. I had also previously experimented with patchwork and some simple bag designs on an old sewing machine I had purchased from the op shop a few years earlier and was keen to get back into it.
It was coming up to the final university exams of spring 2014 when I first tried knitting simple granny squares in my down time from studying. I would study for forty five minutes and then try to teach myself to knit for fifteen minutes to try and break up the routine. However, I was pretty shocking at knitting to begin with, so I decided I would crocheting a crack. I seemed to pick up crocheting a lot quicker than knitting and was enjoying the relaxing nature of it. It had gotten to the point however that I was so interested in crocheting that I was barely studying for fifteen minutes and crocheting for the rest of the hour block!
After finishing off the final exams for the year, I was really hooked and tried to learn everything about crocheting that I could get my hands on. All of the different styles, techniques and intricate ways that wool could be spun were just fascinating to me. This really led me into discovering the world of crochet.

How did you come up with the name of The Crowchet Garden?
The name was a work in progress for a long time and I couldn’t really decide which name suited the brand that I wanted to create. For a long time, it was just ‘Crowchet’ and even ‘Luxford Crowchet’ was considered for a while. Then finally after yet another night of brainstorming with my girlfriend, the name ‘The Crow Garden’ was thrown into the mix. This was a forerunner for a while until one day my lovely girlfriend (Brooke) turned to me and just said, “Why not call it ‘The Crowchet Garden’?” 
It has been known as the ‘The Crowchet Garden’ since that moment!

What is your favourite thing to crochet?
My favourite thing to crochet would probably be either a snug little noggin’ warmer or even a twine plant holderIt feels pretty rad knowing that I am creating a little home for a succulent or herb to grow and flourish in.

Where do you see The Crowchet Garden next year?
Hopefully by next year I’ll have a better platform for people to purchase products from and have a better grip on the business’ direction. At this stage, there are a few plans in the works for which way the business could head but nothing definite so far. The official ‘Crowchet Garden’ website is still in the works so fingers cross that it will be complete by the end of the year.

What has been your biggest achievement?
One of the biggest achievements would probably be the first official cheque ‘The Crowchet Garden’ ever received. This cheque was for the first bulk order of beanies that we have ever been asked to complete. It was for a good friend of mine’s AFL team and I was so stoked that they asked me. I couldn’t believe in less than two years, this was how far ‘The Crowchet Garden’ had come.

Do you have any tips for beginners or those who want to learn?
Be patient! At first, it can be quite tedious and tricky but just remember that practice makes perfect. It sounds super cliche but honestly just practicing over and over again was the only way that I learnt the ins and outs of crocheting. Also don’t panic! My first few months of crocheting was spent making wonky squares and un-straight lines, the more mistakes you do at the beginning the more you will learn to fix them.
It will eventually come with the practice that you do, trust me! Crocheting can be tricky but with some perseverance and patience, I bet anybody could do it. Just remember to always keep on stitching!

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