28 Apr 2017

Jake Howden 'Lonely' | Review

Since the release of 'Staples' last year, all had gone a bit quiet in regards to new music for Jake Howden. But little did we know, Howden has been working extremely hard on making new music which will be revealed later this year on an exciting release he has planned.

'Lonely' is the first track that has been released and I was instantly impressed and needing more from the get go.

After being warned by Howden that 'Lonely' was a little bit different to other tracks that he had released, I wasn't entirely sure on what I could expect. Was I going to like it? Would it follow a more acoustic feel like his covers or would it be something completely different?

I found that the track was a mix of the last two options, as I instantly fell in love with the track and quickly relayed this back to Howden after my first listen. 'Lonely' demonstrates that a simple beat, some backing vocals that echo in your headphones and some simple but very personal lyrics can create a track that makes me very interested in hearing the back story and witnessing the creation of the song.

It's a tune that would work perfectly playing quietly in the background of a cafe, played live in a small venue with just Howden at the forefront or one that is 'best consumed at 3am with a glass of wine in hand'. The chorus is one that I find many listeners will have a connection to, the lyrics 'I don't want to be lonely' slowly builds and gets more intense whilst allowing the track to maintain the very chill vibe that it first started out with.

If this is just the start of what is to come for Howden and his new music, then I'm looking forward to hearing what comes next.

'Lonely' is available on Spotify now!

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