18 Apr 2017

RACKETT 'Ready or Not' Single Launch | Review

Photo by: Tom Wilkinson

When I walked into Brighton Up Bar on Saturday night and saw the glitter covered letters hanging proudly on the stage, I knew I was going to be in for a spectacular night. RACKETT were launching their new single 'Ready or Not' and I was ready for a night of fun!

Supporting RACKETT on this exciting night were COFFIN and Julia Why?. COFFIN started off the night with a surprise; a singing drummer, a guitarist with some crazy skills, a bassist with the longest dreadlocks I've ever seen and a bassist sporting a hi - vis vest. Their punk vibes worked cohesively with the headbangers at the front of the crowd and the evident support for a track aptly titled, 'Yeah The Boys'.

The second support act Julia Why?, brought the pace of the night down a little with some beautiful harmonies and melodic tunes. The female fronted band also played their newly released track and I'm interested to see how their second album which is currently being written turns out!

The girls from RACKETT took to the stage like they were ready for business, sporting matching suits in the colours green, red, pink, peach and orange. This alone made me eager to see how they were going to go about their set and I was not disappointed in any shape or form.

Their stage presence was thoroughly enjoyable to watch and it was exciting to be witnessing an all girl band that owned the stage with their impressive skills along with an energy that got the entire crowd dancing and having loads of fun.

Front girl Bec captured the crowd with her amazing vocals and guitar skills, all with the biggest smile on her face. It was evident that all of the girls were having the time of their life up on that stage, each of them completely in the zone, rocking out and providing the crowd with an excellent show.

During their set, Ella and Jakob Keysall from The Dinlows came up on stage to add a little bit of jazzy vibes with their trumpet and saxaphone and honestly was a highlight of the night, as it was fascinating to see how the addition of two instruments can make such a difference to the sound of a track.

RACKETT played an assortment of unreleased tracks from their upcoming EP and I know already that this EP is going to be played on repeat once it is released. Another highlight from the night was when they played their feature track, 'Ready or Not'. It's a track that manages to get me bopping along whenever I hear it and this definitely happened on Saturday.

Make sure that you catch the girls when they go on the road to support The Darkness on their upcoming tour (Sydney and Melbourne shows only) and in June for Electric Lady World.

Their debut EP will also be released very soon so make sure to keep an eye and ear out for that!

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